.STEP // PROJECT [Released]

Download here.

Mirror since the drive is dead: https://mega.nz/#!xYtT0KgD!gWELGtHrOjT59ppwXvxTZg8H5yJAGgVrLuHgqLNVZ5k

.STEP//PROJECT is a pack of scoring oriented dump files (and some straight up JS/HS). This means the files are dumped but still highly structured in a way that makes them fairly rateable.

Thematically the song choice revolves around the idea of “a soundtrack for the future”, so I picked songs that I think would generally fit the atmosphere of a futuristic movie or game, etc…
I didn’t want this entire thing to be Synthwave so there’s none of that in here, picks are more based on feeling rather than a predefined aesthetic. (And some picks based on source material being set in the future such as Prism and Beautiful World.)

Please have an enjoy and let me know what you thought of the pack.

A very big thank you to everyone who contributed to the pack:
Deamerai, Windoze, Void, Dourgent, James May, Sheenoboo

Many thanks to everyone who QA’d the pack:
Foxfire, Deamerai, Poco, Providence, Sheenoboo, Dourgent

Songlist (Difficulties based on Etterna MSD and how over/underrated I think the file is):



Paq time gamers


play skycoffin


steppaq ! release !!!

paqpaqpaqpaqpaq. seems like an incomplete sentence

if you dont play this pack you might have an undiscovered disease


This pack is really damn good, its fun to play for acc and for scoring on rates, good work mr celeb

coming out of nowhere and releasing a top quality back, damn what a beast… legend has it he worked so hard on the pack he was even hospitalized, if that doesnt make u wanna download it idk what will

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This is crazy good

i like nhelv

like a lot

this song pack isn’t available anymore? :c

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Hello, somewhat late reply but here I am to the rescue. I’ve reuploaded the pack to mega -> https://mega.nz/#!xYtT0KgD!gWELGtHrOjT59ppwXvxTZg8H5yJAGgVrLuHgqLNVZ5k

The original link is down because it’s hosted on EtternaOnline’s Google drive which is currently experiencing issues with download quotas.