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2019-06-23 update: 2.2.1 release: spawncamping-wallhack 2.2.1 Release Page
Added Asset Settings and 4:3 support among other stuff

Original post below:
Here’s a rerelease for you guys.

2.2.0 is out. It’s got a huge changelog that I don’t want to paste here. I’ll just give you screenshots instead.

Here’s the link. For the most up to date versions if you’re feeling nutty you can clone my fork of the repo. However, official releases will be made on Prim’s. I plan to maintain this alongside Etterna development.

spawncamping-wallhack 2.2.0 Release Page

All you have to do is download the zip in the release and put the folder contained within into your Themes folder. Load it from the Display Options ingame.

The main changes are… almost everything has been touched. Think of this as a legitimate alternative to Til Death. That was my intent going in. It should be on par if not very close in terms of features and abilities. Some things just work slightly different. Multiplayer works as well.

Report any issues with it to me here or on discord. Please read the entire changelog.


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This is quite the feat! Definitely going to be learning and using the hell out of this theme, thank you so much for all of the effort you’ve put into making this!



Scwh is back? :open_mouth:



@poco0317 This is amazing! Only thing is that I feel like the background should be set to #000000 by default because you can see the backgrounds of the music much easier and it makes the rgb bar notes that float from the bottom of the screen upwards on chart select look much cooler

Love it so far!



The color config exists to let anyone configure the theme to their liking. I’m open to adding literally any new option to anything, including the color config, that anyone wants.
In my opinion, white makes the most sense for the aesthetic of the theme regardless of the fact that it burns my eyes. I thought I set the default to #CCCCEE but I guess I was actually just using that in my regular client. I prefer this color rather than full on white. It’s much easier on the eyes.



Oh yeah!

I haven’t seen wallhack since I migrated to etterna. This looks SO :clap: DAMN :clap: GOOD

I’m adding it to my client right now! thank you and all the people behind it for bringing it to purple stepmania ! :smiley:



I have been waiting so long to see SCWH fully compatible with Etterna’s features. Thank you so much for doing this.

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lebron james



Is there a way to adjust hidden in this theme? I can’t find anything in metrics.ini



lebrooon james

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New Release: 2.2.1
Added 4:3 support, Asset Settings, and fixed some bugs
Full changelog on the release page

Here are some screenshots



The hero we don’t deserve, thank you for your hard work!