Soularion's Thread of Extremely Dumb Technical Scores

Alright, so, after taking a long break I’m (presuming my right hand doesn’t fall off after I finish typing this) currently trying to play etterna more ‘seriously’ again. That being said I’m still a pretty fucking weird player who focuses mainly on technical/guitar solo-y scores while lacking much in the way of stamina and accuracy. So, this should be fun. Most of these scores are from the killer ~6 hours of play I had today, where I got a lot of stuff done and made some significant progress.

Was a long-term goal for a while, then I got a 92.9% choke and only fixed it now. Hurray!

Not sure if this is good or not but consider this a placeholder before I throw myself at 1.1/1.15

This is where the “extremely dumb” part of my title comes into play.

One of my best scores ever. Kind of insane.

And this is where the ‘technical’ part of my title comes into play.

Way easier with mirror (for me at least) but this is still way better than anything I’ve done before.

About as good as I’m getting.

Extremely sloppy accuracy-wise, but not an AA I thought I’d get anytime soon. Really nice.

Alright, so there’s my session! In the interest of staying motivated, here are some goals I’ll be working towards, in rough order of difficulty:

The Throne 0.95 - I’m really close to this, but it’d be great nonetheless. 1.0 is going on the list once I get it. Short-term technical goal.

California Dreaming 1.2 - PB is 90%. Going to take some work. Short-term speed/stamina goal.

Kissing the Shadows 1.4 - Extremely dumb guitar solo file from Super Revival Pack. Had a 91 choke, but I don’t think I’m getting back there for a while. Long-term technical goal.

Can’t Stop The Moonlight 0.9 - PB is 89%. Consider this a long-term stamina goal.

ImSippingTeaInYoHood 0.95 - I haven’t gotten 0.9 yet (although I’ve gotten really close), so consider this a long-term speed goal.

without you god gamer

also good stuff all around :sunglasses:

Some good scores across the last couple days.

Super solid AA. Not able to be pushed much further.

Sloppy as hell (to the extent where a 1.2 AA might be possible) but nice to get.

That last CB rush was so sad, but otherwise an amazing score.

Speaking of really good scores. I’ll poke at 1.1/1.15 soon.

Can be improved, but amazing to have gotten this.

Mediocre PA but cool AA.

Absurd run. Fuck mines.

Trash PA but cool AA.

Is this a good score? I have no clue. I feel like it’s crazy underrated.

Goal 1 get. Improvable, but not by much. Crazy nice ending.

Goal 2 get. Not as improvable.

Random extremely dumb technical score for the sake of title accuracy. Should be able to push this further.

Really, really happy with this.

Feels good to be able to play this at all.

So, with two goals down, I’ve found some replacements. Here’s the updated goal list.

Lost Stars 1.1 - PB is 90.3 as seen above. I think I can get this. Short-term stamina goal.

Kissing the Shadows 1.4 - Got another 90.5 run and some other close calls. Fuck this file so hard.

The Throne 1.0 - Soon™.

Then you also have Can’t Stop the Moonlight 0.9 and eventually SippingTeaInYoHood 0.95 as longer-term goals.

The Throne is a great chart and more people should play it.

I wish I knew more of these, but nice clutch AA on Next to you! The ending just keeps on hammering you and it’s pretty difficult to not just fall apart there. I also see you’ve got some stamina!

@Kawakaze Yeah, it really is. 1.0 is fucking impossible for me right now, though.

@Foxfire I imagine a lot of people don’t know these; that’s kind of why I like playing them aha. Thank you greatly! Yeah, it’s been a long time coming. My stamina is… iffy. It’s real good sometimes and it’s real bad other times, but playing that huge session lately has really helped.

Overall happy with this although it could’ve been a bit cleaner in the start; stream is almost unbeatable.

Not a particularly good score but a really sad choke that foreshadows sad things.

Really good speed score.

First try of the session. One of my best (and stupidest - see title…) AAs ever.

Nice stamina score.

God fucking damn this file is so goddamn difficult. There’s like eight or nine small patterns and if you fuck up any of them (or lack the insane reading ability/technical prowess required to hit them) you’re screwed, as well as a couple super fast (I wanna say >300 bpm… maybe 340+?) polystreams. Fuck this file.

Feels reasonably good.

Another pretty good Lofty score.

Reaaally clean speed score. Held AA after the opening.

“Huh. That was pretty cool. Let’s try the other difficulty…”

Definitely one of my two saddest still-standing 92.8s. Would’ve been one of my best AAs ever within th category of dumb technical stuff. Also, is this the most underrated file I’ve played? Probably. It’s like, 2-3 below even normal ‘dumb technical stuff’ that is usually pretty underrated.

One of my best AAs and the combo through the second stream and first set of vibrojacks is probably my best combo ever.

Extremely sloppy and improvable but a good AA and a fucking insane combo through the ending streams.

Next Time : Consistency on easy sections… hopefully. Eventually. (I was going to add a Je Vais Vite 0.9 AA to the goals list but I basically got it so idgaf).

Oh my god lofty 1 is like the best pack ever. Nice scores fam

@dez Oh yeah? Let’s get into these Lofty 2 scores.

Not a great score but feels cool to casually first try this considering how fucked I used to get by it.

Kinda whatever near-AA, I’m pretty sure i’ve gotten a similar score way in the past but I’m taking it for now.

Nice AA.

Absolutely insane.

Even more insane.

This isn’t a particularly great score but it’s the best I’m getting for now.

That second stream is nightmare fuel.

Really, really good score, but unfortunately not an AA. Won’t be improving this for a while.

Hardcore meme’d on.

File is ass to PA. Good score tho.

No clue what to think about this one honestly.

This felt really good.

Also really good.

Incredible. PA is really hard but near-SDCB on this is ridiculous. First AA. (1.15 is hard.)

First AA on this as well. Just a solid score.

PA is hardcore garbo but the rest is really good.

And one last really, really good AA to end the session off. I want a 1.2 AA soonish but I wasn’t having too much luck.

Long time coming and pretty solid.

Really good AA. Happy about this one. (Mirror is kinda cheating tho)

Insane CB count, lul @ HP spike due to mines.

Solid score although I feel it’s slightly overrated.

Pretty cool PA, literally only reason I’m posting this.

7cb is ridiculous but poor PA makes it improvable.

Insanely clean. 1.2 AA soon?

Messy ending but good AA.

One of my best scores ever.

Kinda sad this ended up being an AA because it really isn’t as good as it could be, but hey, I’ll take it for now. 1.2 AA seems vaguely doable on a really good session and would be insane.

Not too bad minus the random cbrush at the end. 94-95 is doable.

One of my best AAs ever. Speedy boi now.

Also really happy to get this AA even though the ending drags it down slightly. 1.3 soon~ish.

Myboo is good; not many people talk about that file sadly. Also, Thomas and friends OP 1.1 is like what. Only one miss at that BS ending?

Bit late here; been struggling to fix some PA issues and generally playing a bit less. Still, that means you get a supercharged update.

More soon!

Alright, here’s a pretty delayed one that I should’ve probably gotten out a couple days ago.

Kind of insane.

Getting cleaner (There’s a lot of this style of score in this dump).

Hurray! Pretty awesome AA.

I’ll take it for now.

Speedy as fuck.

Insanely clean. This is like 288 index streams.

My favorite AMC score ever. Way better than I thought I could get on this.

How the fuck do people play this file on higher rates?

Probably not getting a better run than this for a while.

I can’t hit properly on this file to save my life but this score is pretty good.

Incredibly clean outside of that one CB rush.

Rare accuracy score.

This AA has eluded me for SO LONG. I’ll get it soon.


Nuts w/bad PA.

Not getting better than this for a long time.



I suck at this file but I’m taking this.

Fixed 92.9

Pretty sure this is solid.

PA is very mediocre but not bad for a sightread.

That ending is so pointlessly dumb wtf the rest of this score was amazing

I’m taking it.

I usually suck at these files so I’m taking this too.

I like this. 0.85 soon? Maybe? Probably not.

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+1 for getting through Poet, that’s a crazy file! Also empty walls is pretty funny because it’s very largely just filler. So you get these pretty easy sections 80% of the time, and then some small crazy patterns in the first verse and of course the speedy boy ending. You kind of just wait around to get dunked on, but hey you AA’d!

Goddamn it’s been a minute since I’ve posted.

Pretty solid JS score. Suck at the ending tho.

100% taking this.

I m p r o v e m e n t

Pretty solid for a first AA.

Very solid.

Learned how to play this file.

Also this file.

I find it extremely hard to not hit early on these types of runningmen lately, but I’m pretty happy~ish with this score. I’ll be working on it, though. File’s fun.

Very clean.

Probably my best FC ever? Also, really like this file/song.

Taking it.

PA is pretty mediocre and I’d like to improve it, but the rest of this score is awesome.


Surprisingly great play considering I’ve ALWAYS sucked at this file. Would’ve been a ~95 and amazing if not for some stamina struggles on the back end.

Kinda wild score. Would’ve been my best missflag ever but I choked it at the end. F.

Rounding this score posting out with an AA I’ve been trying to get for a minute now. Another set of runningmen that I can’t help but hit early on.

Next time : more Mina stuff, probably! I wanna get some Nightwish scores. I’ve been struggling hard with Wish I Had An Angel 0.85, so an AA on that would be great.

Absolutely nuts.

Long awaited AA! Seriously, been trying for like a year now.

Not getting much better than this.


Real happy with this overall.

First AA kek

Best FC.

I’d like to do better than this, but still a very solid AA.

Sloppy but I’m not fucking recreating this lol

Rare accuracy score?!

Nutty AMC score #1

Nutty AMC score #2 (would’ve been my best FC by a loooong shot…)

Nutty AMC score #3

Nutty AMC score #4

Nutty AMC score #5 (one of my best 95s ever IMO)

Also in contention for one of my best 95s ever… I think? Really weird file to judge. Accidentally had NoMines on, didn’t really affect anything.

Very solid improvement. Happy with this.

Nutty AMC score #6 (super clutch on the ending)

Nutty AMC score #7 (big sad on the stamina :c)

Nutty AMC score #8 (coulda been a 95 w/better stamina but still insane)

This is just one of my favorite scores ever. Legitimately hit about half of the burst. If not for some really silly mistakes here and there it’d be my first 27 from AMC, which is sad.

Pretty insane speed improvement over the last few days due to some good PA/MA. If I can keep this up, the hunt for my second legit 28 is on…

god tier AMC gamer :hot_face:

Alright, well. Had an insane session earlier today so I’m posting a lot of stuff from it + misc. decent stuff from the past week or so.

Been something I’ve wanted for a while. Really cool AA, if a bit sloppy.

Another AA I’ve wanted for a while.

SUPER good ending. Could be much improved but it’ll be hard to beat this ending.

Just doing some farming real quick

Alright, let’s get into the nutty stuff.

Massacred my old PB on this in basically every way possible.

Another extremely competitive PB-smasher. Hard part was kinda meh, but everything else was unbeatable.

Unsure how I got this. Would be one of my best scores ever, I think, if not for that really bad CB rush. (This is a phrase you’ll hear again).

Pretty mediocre but LUL improvement

So happy with how far I’ve come on this file. I could honestly improve this a bit more by hitting the jacks (something I’ve done a few times before), which would make it technically FCable… but putting it all together is extremely unlikely.

LUL hitting early, but really, this is crazy. PA could use a touch of work but CB-wise it’s amazing.

Almost FC’d the 32nds! Some really unfortunate greats in the start drag the PA down, but still extremely good improvement.

Probably not as ‘crazy’ as some of my other stuff, but to go from 88 to AA in like, a couple weeks, is really nice. Always sucked at this file.

If not for that extremely annoying (albeit understandable) final CB rush this would be my best score ever. I’m still not convinced that it isn’t. Hit so many of the 360 streams and did it all pretty cleanly.

Big RIP on that cb rush. By this point my left hand was dead tired.

Incredible AA. Left hand died at the end, but not as hard as it usually does.

Not really great outside of the first combo, but I’m still taking this AA and it’s relatively clean for an AA.

So, yeah! Some pretty nuts stuff. Not sure where I’ll go from here, I’ll probably keep trying for stuff in the ~95-97 range, though.