Song requests for the step contest thing

I know im to blame for being muted and unable to access the #step-contest-song-recs channel on discord, but anyways, here are my songs

-stalker by waterflame, if you play geometry dash or you use to, or just listen to waterflame in general, you should know of this song

-steel terror, malware and accelerate by Acid-Notation, His another well known artist from newgrounds/geometry dash

-disturbance by dimrain47
dimrain47’s most well known in the gd community for his two songs, infernoplex and the speed of light and i think some of you ffr players have heard of infernoplex before. After a 7 year Hiatus, he finally released a new song in his youtube channel, named disturbance, i think this guy really deserves more attention tbh

@Sklitterbeer I commission you to please send a link of this topic to #step-contest-song-recs

ok lol u can just dm me for this stuff on discord i dont rly look here often