So I just set up my account... this is awkward, but hi

I’ve played this game for I think over a year now and only now just made an account. May be suspect, sorry, but my Osu profile was built with a more legitimate looking face.

I just wasn’t bothered for the longest time because I played this for improvement purposes only at first (but now play this pretty much exclusively), and played it off and on, as I took months or two off a few times since I installed the game.

I know I have no presence here, but I just wanted to clear any confusion from anyone who sees “KaBluei: 23.65” outta nowhere and would be confused as to who it is.

So with that out of the way, hello! I’m an up and coming (I guess?) player from the US. I follow the trope of being the best with stream files, but I want to change that eventually. I’ve been training on maps like The Vital Vitriol jack file.

If anyone wants to say hi they can, though I can attest to my social awkwardness. I’ll try though. :wink:



Hello kabluei, welcome to the community


Hey @Sklitterbeer and @Ptet thanks for the warm welcomes