Sklitter's Uneven Baroque Collection Release!

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. It’s finally here!! CLICK FOR DL

idk how to do songlists so I guess you’re just going to have to see for yourself

also there might, might be a secret file in here somewhere


TY TO: Foxfire and [redacted] kid destroyer 420 for playtesting my pack, y’all are the best homies

also thanks to Ptet, SnowPh and Cuwan for submitting, couldn’t have done it w/o you <3

also ty to no one for helping me find the bakugan theme’s composer reee

but most importantly, ty to you, for reading my thread, to you from you, for giving yourself the opportunity to read my thread and me for allowing you to be thanked by yours truly for giving you the whimper of a chance to access this public information, from you to me to you to you


Please let me know if you post scores or feedback on my pack, I’m always trying to learn

Romanticism Pack is scheduled to be released never ok thanks bye!!!

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you’ll hate this pack in 2-3 years

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i already do tBH

zenith menu loop

i made the ending super ass btw