Sklitter's Idealized Array of Romanticism

the cartographer should not only chart what he hears in the song, but also what he hears in himself

After a lengthy break over the summer, I have returned to charting.
Romanticist Pack will focus on charts that are not necessarily tech-accurate, but which emphasize on the flow and feeling of a song. (Cf. Fell in Lava, Sweet Dreams, Aa-shuu, etc…)
I’m not setting any rules this time (except for re-releases, they can only be in your own packs). However, curating charts will be my call entirely, and I may reject them as I see fit. I will set a deadline when the pack is close to done.
If you think your chart meets these criteria, send it to me over discord (Sklitterbeer#7293), or whatever IM you prefer I guess
Also, as the doc states, I’m always willing to do collabs on the WIP songs or just the ones on my songlist, for songs that aren’t on either I might be more judgmental.


Submissions will be closing on January 5th, so send your files before then. Pack release will be either late january or early february, depends if I don’t almost-die like last time

File goal will be 20-25, depends on subs

Happy charting

Reminder that subs are closing in like 3 days wow

If you need more time to chart/want to complain about the weather/help with gfx send me a msg on my discord, I wanted to release in early january but health stuff is making that kind of hard, esp with the warm welcome I’ve received from the community. Look out for it though, it’s gonna b an g