Sklitter's Idealized Array of Romanticism Distribution!

I’m releasing this earlier because of health concerns, which have given me enough time to stay at home and finish this. That said, it still turned out very well! Files should also be rateable, if your jacks are good enough.

Important: Usage of Chart Preview is not recommended for a first playthrough. You’ll enjoy the files most as you are sightreading them.

Click for DL:


Thanks to Foxfire for playing my charts, as well as rkaydee for motivating me to keep going
also of course thanks to foxtail, yangga and felixspade for their submissions
and everyone else who played or gave me advice on my files

With that said, I hope you enjoy the pack. Feel free to reply with your scores, I always like seeing how players do on my files.

“If your jacks are good enough” Pog

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