Ska-Cola Machin' | ultra penis pack release [Releasal of Pack]

we drinkin pee tonight bois
>download link for downloading purposes

ight so no penis licking, ill be brief, maybe some penis licking tho

  • about the pack
    this pack is a compilation of the files I’ve been making from September 7th up to today, of course not every single one is here, but I picked those I thought had something offer in some kind of way, which personally I’m p happy with it.

  • about the files
    there’s a lot of variety in the style of the charts so chances are you will get something out of more than just 2 files, though the most common trait I see is that many of these are stamina intensive with very few breaks, because I do like it that way h

  • difficulty
    around 25msd, mostly going up

  • music wise
    there’s a worrying amount of asian music now that I look at it, but ykno–
    maybe if theres a second pack there’ll be less anime… or more, I’m not promising anything.

also some re-releases, because it makes it look bigger and i like it big

-Music List-

gfx and all shit done by me, file testing, once again me, some times other people played something and gave feedback which I do appreciate a lot, but for like 96% of the time, still me

of course this couldnt’ve been done without myself, so big shout out to that guy

self penis licking aside tho, enjoy the :package: my kings(and queens)