Sinewave Minipack 4




this pack has existed for a while but figured i’d share it here for a signal boost

click on banner to download, in case of outage hmu on discord (sinewave#5555) and i’ll send it over discord instead

btw minipack 5 confirmed for… idk whenever its done


lol nice dl link btw 20 characters


grats on first ever EO forums pack release, guess ill check this out later


Wow yeah I wasn’t aware this existed, awesome.


apparently this is on EOs frontpage for some reason

…at least rank it lmao


Not my skill level, even the song " super mario Bros.Theme?" Their is no ways its an 11.36 lawls…Wish i could play your charts way to hard for me…


hey you’ll get there my man

just play stuff youre somewhat comfy with, try to go a little bit faster eventually and after some time you`ll find you can play my stuff, even if just on 0.7 or something