Silverodance Song Pack Release!

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Songs and Images were not created by me!
Type: Pad

Thank you: Owem, StarrySergal, P. Clark, and xD628Novia Zaia Armageddon247xD
for helping me creating this song pack.

Silverodance Stepchart Notes:
Beyond her garden - Technical/Bullet/Stutter
Fucking Rails, Man:
|* *
| * *
|**** :wink:
MTC Saga Type B - Technical/Rocket Stutter/Attacks/Rhythmic Warps
Now everybody scream - Technical/Stutter
Piss on me - Technical/Rhythmic Warps
R4v3 b0y - Technical/Wobble/Rhythmic Warps
Speedcore Paradise - Hi-Speed Technical Stamina
The x is on fire - Technical Burst/Pluto Stops/PINGAS!
Throbulator - Hi-Speed Technical Stamina
Umidoru Ikadoru - Technical/Bullet/Rhythmic Stops
24/7 - Warm Up/Crossovers
A bunch of samples played consecutively - Technical Stamina/Hi-Tech warps
Absolute Territory - Technical/Dancing Mines
All about you - Technical/Footswitch
I got no time - Replay warps/Afronova footswitch/Technical
Before Sunrise - Hi-Speed Technical Stamina
Blade - Rocket Wave/Jumpy/Technical Stamina
Blocks - Technical/32nd Footspeed/Flam
Dancin - Warm Up
Darkness - Technical/Footswitch/Afronova Footswitch
Destination relapse - bullet/Read slow/Hop-Dodging/BPM Manipulation/Hi-speed Technical Stamina/rhythmic warps/fancy footwork/stream stamina/Rocket stutter
Disappearance of hatsune miku - hi-speed jumpstep/hi-speed stamina/candle streaming
Dogstep - Warm Up
Don’t forget to floss - rocket stutter/read slow/technical stamina/stream
Dope LSD - read slow/hi-speed technical stamina/bullet/stutter/hi-speed jumpstep/speed change
Dream of an absolution - (r0meo & juli3t-ITG) warm up/fancy footwork/anticipation
DSAH HAPOS X - why even try
Electric - Technical/Fancy Footwork/Stream
Electronic Simpson Music - jumpy/technical stamina/stream
Enigma - Technical Stamina/Speed Tease/Anticipation/Scratchy/fancy footwork/stream/haste
Epoch - Technical/Stream/Fancy footwork
FNAF Song - Stream/Technical/BPM Manipulation
Forget - Technical/BPM Manipulation
Guttercase 68 - Rhythmic Warps/Hi-Speed Technical Stamina/Bullet/Bash(including dat Valkyrie Ending)
Hardcore Virus - Technical Stamina/Jumpy/Dodging/Fancy Footwork
Hatcha Metcha Party - Technical Stamina/Jumpy/Candles/BPM Manipulation/Bullet/Stream
He-databuster - Technical Stamina/Rhythmic Warps
Hide and Seek - Stutter/Technical/Wave Bullet/Stream/Heel&Toe
Im a F**king Car - Hi-Speed Technical Stamina/Jumpy/Read Slow/Stream/Hi-Speed Jumpstyle/Lightspeed Fancy Footwork/
Kazoo Kid - Bullet/Jumpy/Technical Stutter/Technical
Let the bass kick - technical stamina/stream/jumpy/fancy footwork/24th stream/stutter
Life or death - Technical/Jumpstyle/Swing Gallop/Candle
Megalovania - Technical/Read Slow
Memories - Warm Up
MTC Saga Type A - Technical/Rhythmic Warps
Neckbreaker (Mesophunk remix) - Technical/Wobble/Footswitch
Only your love - Anticipation/Fancy footwork/Technical/BPM Manipulation
PPAP - Stream/Stamina Warm Up/Jumpy
Pretty Girl - Technical/Jumpy
Sorry not sorry - :3 (literally)
Teen titans Theme - :3
When tears fall - Technical stamina/jumpy/fancy footwork
Whistle bounce - rhythmic warps/technical
Whole - technical swing/swing gallop
War is in the dance - hi-speed technical stamina/jumpy/fancy footwork
White nuxxle driver - hi-speed technical stamina/BPM manipulation/stutter/jumpy/stream/read slow
Zombie the one - stream/jumpy/hi-speed technical stamina