Serenade / Crysarlene's Overstream Pack Release

Click banner to download the pack (via Google Drive)

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Jole for fixing the offset on every songs in this pack. If you already download this pack before seeing this update, please re-download

Hello, welcome
What you see now is a hard stream pack that only doable on the keyboard. Every simfiles in this pack are just focused on singlestream mostly, not jumpstream, handstream, or even quadstream.

All these files are made by myself. For you who also play osu!mania, you can also find these simfiles as mapset that I also made

Please take note that these simfiles are not quality-focused, but much more referred for gameplay-focused training especially for anyone who wanna improve on hard stream.
On rate 1.0, simfiles approximately rate at rating 26-33

— Song List —

Any feedback / issues? Please PM me in Discord: LovelySerenade#4230

Have fun~~

Thank you


good song choices