Scoring question/ bad keyboard issue

Like in the title i have a bad keyboard that likes to press extra keys so that results in extra OK’s an BOO’s when i play Etterna/FFR.

My question is after finishing a song with 100+ ok’s is that doing anything to my score on Etterna?
i know having a lot of boo’s in FFR resulted in a lower score but i didnt play Stepmania/Etterna that much so im kinda clueless xD.

There are no “boos” in Etterna. There is no punishment for hitting keys when there is no arrow close to the receptor like in FFR. But what you described may still be problematic so if you have problems like that with your keyboard, try setting input debounce to something high in the main settings.
OK in Etterna is the thing you get for finishing a hold successfully. If you drop it, you get N.G. (Not Good) instead.

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