Score not saved to Local scores but on website

Not sure exactly how to explain this but I did a play on freedom why 0.9x rate and when I got to the eval screen I tried to press the - key to see what the accuracy would be for j4 and right as I pressed it the game crashed and when I reopened the game it didn’t bring it up to freedom why but another song I did before it and when I went to the song I couldn’t see my score in the Local scores area but I can see it on the website and even on the leaderboards for the song. So the score was uploaded but it just isn’t popping up in the Local scores area.

Also my game has been crashing a bit recently should I reinstall it or something?

out of space?
installed in program files?
turned score saving off at the bottom of player options?

Is there a storage limit to etterna or do you mean space on the whole computer? I have a good amount of storage left on my computer but I have a ton of songs on etterna so if it’s etterna maybe that’s the issue?

I have it installed in it’s own folder within a folder titled “Games” in Windows (C:)

And score saving is turned on, the scores I made right after it saved normally and didn’t crash.

I think it just might’ve been unfortunate timing of a crash that caused it now that I think about it.

What version of Etterna do you have, in the most recent versions, score saving is done before you even reach the evaluation screen locally, so as to prevent this exact problem from happening, as well as people who (for some reason) close their game before going to song select screen. Older versions of the client saved to local after hitting enter on the results screen, which would result in the scenario where it’s saved online but not locally in the event of a results screen crash.

I’m on 0.70.1

0.70.2 made the change foxfire describes above
not being on the latest version and losing data is on you

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