Sawasdee ET Release


Hello! Everyone I’m Lumilous aka Maquia in Osu! lol
Sawasdee is 1st pack from some Thailand People, Sawasdee means Hello in Thai Language, This pack contains Jumpstream, Jack, Dump, Technical, some vibro and little meme!

Thank you for all charter, files are from
  • moni
  • [FX] AEM
  • Night Bunny 7
  • Lostcool
  • HowToPlayLN
  • Zytosy
  • RuleBlazing
  • Nyarlahothep
  • Juannabe
  • BossMadWolf
  • Peachy
  • Nowsmart
  • Fumi
  • Pikobaka
  • Shoko
List Files

Finally,Thanks you for Playing and Have Fun!
Download Here

sorry for bad english oof

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