Sanatenshin playthrough multi

Time: TBD, Likely some weekend night (UTC+8) During jan
Length: 2+ hours
Requirement: You have Sanatenshin

reply with :raised_hand: if you are in

this is gonna be such a bad idea :raised_hand:

Yeah this is uhh yea

can’t promise it but maybe i will play :vulcan_salute:

i play the game :raised_back_of_hand:

id be up to it but that means I have to dl that pack :raised_hand:

seems fun :raised_hand:

491 weeb files in 2 hours wut


Lol let’s do this, hopefully timezones don’t screw too much up :raised_hand:

Nibbas be all around the globe :brain:

Anyway I don’t know where you all live, so im going to just assume you are all finns and americans
27/1 00:00 UTC+8 would pretty much fit everyone here and that would be
26/1 18:00 UTC+2 and
26/1 11:00 UTC-5.
If that doesn’t work out we can do 2/2 00:00 UTC+8

note: sanatenshin just won’t download ingame for some, check if you are one of them

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jump hand .

Might join, we’ll see

I think I could actually make this. Would give me an excuse to finally use multi so I kind of want to hop on.

I could join maybe.


reminder to download pack

MP hype! Better be a big room tonorrow morning.

Yo, thanks for coming to the multi. Was a very long and tiring session, but very fun and had some intriguing files. Gotta sleep now as its like 5am pce


Yeah yesterday was pretty intense! Thanks for the big multi game everyone!

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