Rkd minipack 1 (nae nae)

yes i numbered and subtitled my first pack i’ll probably make more of these you can thank me later.
this pack consists almost entirely of stupid files don’t expect some fancy bs.
thanks to durvin, snover, larami, brendon, priest for playing these files early you should really be thanking me tho.
gunga ginga gunga ginga brendon gunga ginga ginga gunga.
thank you joni for shitty death grips file high effort style.
thank you durvin for hsmp 2.0 and alex jones file.

paq link:

i’m not making a file list


you’ve just posted cringe you’re gonna lose social credit

this pack has been charted partially on gentoo linux so it’s automatically superior to everything else

fake news 2019-09-04T15:30:00Z

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it’s ok ‮‮‮‮‮‮

dab a

Absolute disgusting, I love it.