[Release] Zailscodes' STUPID MAPS pack

After some people asked i decided to make a beatmap pack the includes all of my bestmaps that ive ever finished.

here’s some examples of the songs you’ll find (not every chart is that hard, and for the ET players there are some really hard maps)

its got pretty much every pattern you can imagine.

This is my first time ever giving out a beatmap pack so if there’s any issue please let me know.

Apparently i have made the worst pack ever released, deleting LMAO

you didnt check all of the charts? theyre all offsync. dont waste peoples time

it’s a convert pack and hits all the check marks
some of the files look interesting, maybe it would be a good pack if you put 20 minutes of effort in sorting it out instead of dumping garbage onto our game

no sync :white_check_mark:
no graphics :white_check_mark:
Alone was so bad it found a bug in the game and the converter (crying laughing at this file btw) :white_check_mark:
crackly audio on some songs :white_check_mark:
completely broken audio on a song (unsyncable + unplayable + ear rape):white_check_mark:
all difficulty numbers set to 1 :white_check_mark:
almost all sample musics set to 0:00 :white_check_mark:
cant load audio of some files :white_check_mark:
there is no audio in some folders :white_check_mark:
impossible files :white_check_mark:
60 second intros on files :white_check_mark:
fnf :white_check_mark:

these files also crash the game: bleeding out, deli, dimension, empty bed, it’s corona time, just bought moon shoes, mean song, shiawase, the lost soul, tomb

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Im very sorry, i did not check all the songs since i used a converter. ill take down the pack, i have one for osu if anyone is interested. though after this, not sure how many people would be interested. at least Alone got a bug fixed or something :skull:

Fixing these issues when i can.