[RELEASE] Yorushika mini pack [7 songs/ Kb]


Hi, this is my first pack release ever, so don’t expect top quality charts but I made them fit the song well and fun to play. The files are mostly technical and a little of stamina and jumpstream.

All the songs are from a single yorushika album, I chosed this songs because I like them a lot and I thought that they’ll be not that hard to chart.

The album is:夏草が邪魔をする (Natsukusa ga
jama wo suru or summer grass in english). The songs are J-rock pop

In case you want to play the songs in the order of the album, here is the setlist.

1.-Playing Piano in the Shadow of Summer (夏陰、ピアノを弾く)
Ez 10.91 MSD

2.-Cattleya (カトレア)
IN 17.3 MSD

3.-Say It. (言って。)
HD 14.5 MSD

4.-Blooming in That Summer (あの夏に咲け)
IN 15.67 MSD

5.-Flying Free (飛行)
NM 13.22 MSD

6.-Fireworks Beneath My Shoes (靴の花火)
NM 12.65 MSD

7.-The Clouds and the Ghost (雲と幽霊)
HD 13.86 MSD

Avg:14 MSD

I used q9 ogg extracted directly from the flac to have a good quality gameplay, please enjoy.

Finally I want to thank you in advance for reading this. I hope you have fun playing, I’m open for any feedback.

Mediafire download
Google drive mirror

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