[Release] TypicalOven's Song Bundle 2

TypicalOven’s Song Bundle 2 Release.


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My first uploaded pack (because my last one has trash charting).
Difficulties range to 17 MSD to 34 MSD

Charter: TypicalOven (me)
Number of Songs: 20

4cat - All I do is spam
Leonz - Among Us Drip
Patrick - Patrikios Beside Me
bitch i look like gohan - bitch i look like goku
glue70 - Casin
Mario Kart OST - Coconut Mall
Julian Sotelo - Topic - Famous Sounds
Kurokotei - Galaxy Collapse
Home Depot - Home Depot Theme Song
Isogunakya - Isogu
Romos - Magic Touch
Acestoaces - Memory Lane
Undertale OST - Megalovania
Darude - Next to You
Kanye East - Sussy Balls
Whatsapp - Whatsapp drip
Phil, Mango and Homemadewaffles - Wombo Combo

Have fun with the pack!