[Release] Tribow Converts Pack

Everything seems so official over here uuuh…
So I’m some old osu!mania charter and I converted 16 of my charts over to this game cause I wanted to play them on Etterna too cause that’d be neat I guess.
Tried to convert it cleanly and I think I did err…yeah…idk thought I could share my charts here.

Download Link: https://mega.nz/file/kKoEUL7B#Qz1Jl8MD6XPJlBH-XmXDrX8c5oht0-PRWwRfe2X9Cw8

I chart the entire song so I guess this is stamina by default…plenty of jumpstream stuff…really not consistent difficulty (Overall it’s Intense).
I don’t really know the protocol here, but I figured this gets posted here since all of these charts are completed. I’ve only played Etterna for about a week, but if you enjoy any of my charts that would be pretty neat.