[Release] Trails of Cold Jumpstream

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Inspired by the Trails of Cold Stream ITG packs, this pack contains 32 charts of songs that mostly come from the Trails/Kiseki series and the Ys series. Several of these songs are arrangements that were released outside of the games’ soundtracks, mostly also from Falcom’s composers but with a couple also from the Falcom Boss Rush Phase 1 arrangement album (thank you Arvin and Aoki). As the pack title states, these are (mostly) jumpstream charts, varying from 18 msd to 35 msd.

I have been slowly working on this pack for a bit over two years now, with the intent of eventually finishing and releasing it as my last pack before retiring from charting (maybe). I haven’t played kb vsrgs since sometime last year, and have been focused on playing iidx instead, so at the very least, this is certain to be my final pack. I hope that you enjoy it should you decide to play anything from it.

Shoutouts to April/Wiosna for her two charts, and shoutouts to Arvin/YourVinished for creating the Trails of Cold Stream packs (also I made a shitter version of their Trails of Cold Stream banner for my pack with my 0 skills at making gfx lol)

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