[Release] Towa Chordjack Repository

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(files uploaded with permission from the original charter.)

guys, towa here
this is a continuation of my pack Towa Chordjack Repo and it was supposed to be released on my birthday but whatever, im gonna release it now.

song list

for other chordjack packs, you can check Towa Pack 321 also i thank Rachel for allowing me to put their chart into the pack.

check out my car. it is cool, right?


Pretty cool paxk and car
edit:looking at the pack harlem shake could have been made funnier,like you could have made the first part very light gluts and when the chorus kicks in you make it the densest chordjacks you can imagine of(like so dense it makes ade_maine charts look like fucking aquaris) so that its as funny and cool as the kaiten123 chart that was mentioned in the bible for how good it is,OR could just make the chorus 20th jaxs for mega big chungus funny but idk i haven’t made a chart


i also thought that before. i want to make the first part denser like kaiten123’s, but i want to make it playable

I like the car

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