[Release] SureFir3's Variety Pack 3

Download here
3rd pack that I’ve made and this is one on the much harder side, with most files being 30 - 40msd, this will challenge most skilled players in the game.
I’ve been learning how to chart on arrowvortex more instead of on osu!mania and a good few of these files are mapped with arrowvortex, so sorry in advance if some are a bit bad.

Song List:
LV.4 - Angel Dust
t+pazolite with siroumaru - Chambarising
DJ Sharpnel - Cyber Inductance
TheFatRat - Electrified
Camellia - End of this Nightmare
KOAN sound + ASA - Fuego (sakuraburst remix)
-45 - G e n g a o z o
Death Grips - Get Got
Slax - Lolitonic
DJ Majokko Mirakurun - Mafain
Frums - multi_arm
Doin - Pine Nut
Super MWC Kart - Purple Palace (cut)
Silentroom - Rainshower
DM DOKURO - Roar of The Jungle Dragon - Theme of Jungle Dragon, Yharon -Phase 2-
BilliumMoto - Rocky Buinne
Camellia - Shadow of Cats
goreshit - slavik goblins
Derpcat - Something Different (feat. Tallurre)
katagiri - STRONG 280
Hinkik - Time Leaper
DJKurara - White Hair Litte Swords Girl
ばやちゃお × ななひら - あはっててっぺんっ