[Release] Super Polska Chordjack

Super Polska Chordjack is a 110 files project, which consists of various chordjack patterns. The pack features various genres, with various difficulties. We devided into two packs, each of which has 55 files.

DL Link: #1 #2
Credits: ade_maine, Suzuya, Rekon, Zaal, Kroly, lyko, Moskas, SitekX, m666, Eclipse
11/12/2021 - Pack Ranked!

Song List:


  • Average MSD: 29.343 (#1), 27.765 (#2), 28.554 (total)
  • Pack #1 contains a 2-hour marathon file (IN=100k notes, ED=200k notes)
  • Histogram:

Chordjack yes! :blush:

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