[Release] Super Polska Chordjack #3 ~ #6

Second project of Super Polska Chordjack! This project focuses on challenging and diverse chordjack charts. This time, we opened submissions, and a lot of people submitted 220 files! We assure that you can enjoy various charts, and improve your jack.

Credits (24 people!): Suzuya, Siqmax (former ade_maine), Mongol (former Rekon), Bamks, CJ, Cuckson, eclair, Ena, Leverage, Magikarp1234, Milla, Moskas, Mouse, nosumako, prime132, RARS, Ronnie256, StarrySergal, syn_wb, Tachyon, TheFalek, towakane, velaachlorine, zaalseen

DL Link: #3 #4 #5 #6

Song List:


etterna calc devs nerf THIS


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i love chordjack
the best pattern ever
- Młody dron


what a nice pack with a nice name with nice charters with nice songs and nice banners

super polska chordjack best chordjack pack

Viva la Super Polska Chordjack!

Glad I had this opportunity, motivated me to keep making jack charts, and I’m gonna keep doing so in the future :slight_smile:

Play the pack, it has a lot of good files from a lot of good charters!

had fun making files for this one

C h o r d j a c k

cowjack :cow: frogjack :frog: chordjack-o-lantern :jack_o_lantern:

jack is life

Yes!!! New Pack!

Hey, I tried downloading the pack and it said that access was denied, could you fix this please?

All the links are fixed. Sry for the inconvenience!