[Release] Shattered Paradise

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Fix for Browser History song if downloaded pre-update: Browser History Fix.zip (2.0 KB)

I’m happy to present Shattered Paradise, a project I’ve been working on for a few months, motivated by Celebelian’s dumplings 2 revival.

Shattered Paradise (SP) is a pack focused on letting charters have fun. “Funstep”, so to say. Every chart in this pack was made from charters just enjoying placing notes during bursts of motivation, or wanting to do something unique. A direct sequel to Purple Paradise and the mentality that went behind that project, along with it being a mix of dumps and accurate charts! I plan for it to be my final pack, at least for a good while. Explained at bottom.

Additionally, this is also the first pack to require Etterna 0.72+ to fully function! A lot of charts in this pack don’t work on earlier versions of etterna, even as late as .71. This pack needs 0.72! Why does it need .72? You’ll have to download the pack and find out!

Pack contains 37 charts total!
Here’s the songlist:

With that being said, time to thank those who helped with the pack:

Xingren for being so patient and showing me how to do xmod stuff as you charted, and for submitting
Tim for sending in 2 banger charts
Treat for letting me release Illuyanka
Celebelian for inspiring and motivating me to make this pack, and sending a chart
aDavid4 for submitting
Temma for helping me spread the word of MC’s
Kaho for sending what I consider one of their best charts to date
Poco for sending a banger miku chordjack chart (fuck yea)
DMRIw for reconstructing my chart after I had a memory wipe and forgot how to chart (Really)
Mimi for helping with GFX
Everyone else who helped playtest stuff

On a more serious note:


I’ve been creating packs for a little while now, and I want to start focusing on my real life a lot more. I’m going to be withdrawing from the internet to focus on things IRL after this pack, so this is my final planned pack ever. I know that saying “I’m quitting” in etterna is the same as saying “brb”, so I’m not going to completely count out that I’ll never return for that reason, but I will make it clear that I don’t intend to come back.

Thank you for playing my packs over the years, regardless of if you liked them or hated them, charting has been a big part of my life.


With that being said, I hope you enjoy my (Hopefully) final pack! I wanted to make it special.

See you, space cowboy.


new paq!!


Thank you for everything over the years Sam! I wish you the best with working on life matters, take care out there.

Gonna dust off the keyboard this weekend and see if I can experience your last hurrah, I’m excited for what you told me about a fair few of these charts hold!


fuck you dumbass forum let me post


one of the songs in this pack sounds like me in the bathroom this morning but i wont tell you which one

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my guess is MC Rockeye b2b MC Genno D kitchen session

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gimme gimme GIMMICK!!
gimme gimme GIMMICK!!
gimme gimme GIMMICK!!


the package

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Was super happy to go make that file. I’m glad you like it and hope it felt like a good piece to give you as a send off. But to keep it short: I wish you the best of luck, and really, thanks for everything.



the final paquette…
funstep has been achieved and now funquest in life begins


Congrats on release

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