[Release] Self-Transcendence 40 hour Marathon

Hello, this is small pack I created containing a bunch of marathon charts I’ve found that I like. Some of them are still unranked and obviously I would like them too be at some point. Most of these come from the itg stamina community and I haven’t charted anything here, I just compiled them into this pack. It contains 27 songs with the shortest one being Through the Fires and France at 20 minutes and the longest one being XS Project Collection Full clocking in at a measly 6 hours and 58 minutes. Difficulties vary with the hardest song being Path of Great at 26.28 and the easiest song being Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5 at 7.09.

Full honesty, I kinda just want some of these ranked so I have more incentive to complete them (especially the absurdly long ones like XS Project and 140 bpm killer)

Have Fun :slight_smile:
Download: Self-Transcendence 40 hour Marathon [Te's Marathon Collection] - Google Drive


Holy Heck…

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im glad someone compiled some of the best to be more easily accessible thanks homie

Ayy my favorite marathon Total Blackout