[Release] Secret Santa 2023


Once again the secret santa is complete! Thank you all who participated, and as per the tradition apologies to those who did not get their song charted, the following people will be barred from future events.

  • Dedlaft (Sorry Durvin)
  • polterghast (Sorry dislo)

A very successful year with only two no-shows, honestly quite incredible (Insert zeta here). Hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year - here’s to the new website dropping in the new year!!



Durvin had it coming i don’t like that guy

oh boy it’s here

merry holiday, people

kinda toxic but ok




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I love what Vela gave me, thank you vela is better than the actual song i requested xD


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merry gaming.

very nice

secret Santana


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Happy Holidays, and marvelous keyboard smashing to all~.

merry christmas everybody

merry xmas guys!!! (enjoy your ■■■ DeltaEpsilon)

hi tielesiti just gonna say I got your message

props for actually charting the song because for the last 2 years I got 2 lads banned from the event for not submitting (may they rest in peace)

the song i sent is probably too difficult for a beginner stepper so i feel somewhat bad for picking it, but i always want to take the gamble of sending a steppable song to a more experienced charter who might hopefully find it entertaining to step, but at the same time i don’t expect anything particularly polished either – in fact the jank of secret santa files is what makes this entertaining in the first place… … … … … … … … … …

also this song was in a long list of songs i’d potentially considered stepping, but ultimately never mustered the motivation to do so, so i just submitted it here. that said, don’t think i’ll be stepping it tbh

anyway very souful jank beginner stepper chart 8/10 ok cya (also protip use arrowvortex and not the sm5 editor cuz it sucks lol)

this is gon’ be goods i just know it!

Insert a christmas quote from a christmas movie here

i am a 6msd gamer now

it’s really funny that you say to use arrowvortex bc I did, and it still ended up like that lol

if I get a secret santa thing that’s for someone really good, I do not intend to leave it undone just because I don’t know if it’ll be good as a result. I had fun charting it even though it’s definitely above my usual skill level, so I’m kinda considering it as a challenge for myself to maybe beat one day, glad you ended up enjoying it despite the jank. we will mourn the fallen as we celebrate this holiday