[Release] Santo's Etterna Memepack Volume I

Ayo, Santo’s here. I’m releasing my own (scuffed) pack called Santo’s Etterna Memepack Volume I. I spent a bunch of hours making it to a full pack.

Note that this pack has some custom difficulties, so here is the info for all volumes of this pack:
Insane is Demise, where doubles are only occurred, no singles. Their number is 18.

1st Edit is Demise+, where triples are only occured, chordjack confirmed. Their number is 22.

2nd Edit is DESPAIR, it’s Demise+, but with mines (yes, you can’t spam them since they just J’d you quickly) Their number is 30.

Now, lets ask about Extra Key difficulties:

8K Insane is Demise++, just basic stuff but spam’ish. Number is RANDOM.

8K Edit is Demise+++, doubles, Spam’ish aswell. Number is RANDOM.

10K Insane is Demise++++, you will not FC or beat this. Number is RANDOM.

10K Edit is Monika’s Demise, applied with DESPAIR and Demise+/Demise++++ Number is RANDOM.

5K Insane is Demise-, its Demise, but (a bit) easier. Number is RANDOM.

5K Edit is HELL, just Retro’s Hell. Number is RANDOM.
(EK difficulties are only applied that depends on the EK chartable song. These ones don’t apply on songs that have a [Meme] tag.)

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10X6fzAtI14oI-sKjU_vYpswKc3jjN1bZ/view?usp=drivesdk