[Release] Purple Paradise

                            ▚▚▚BIRTHDAY RELEASE▚▚▚

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It is now the 19th in the UK, so here it is!

Purple Paradise (PP hehe) is a pack inspired by Whiteh’s “Fennec Fantasy”, though it’s a lot more jack focused, rather than scoring focused. The pack’s vibe is very laid back, with a mixture of jack, jumpstream, handstream, chordjack and dumpy stuff inside it, a little bit for everyone.

This is easily my biggest project to date, and the largest pack I’ve ever made. I’ve been working on it since late 2020, making it the best representation of my style it can be. There’s also lots of guest charts from mates, all of which are also really fun! The guest charts are by the following charters:

  • Foxy Weeaboo
  • void
  • Celebelian
  • Temma
  • Treat
  • Tim
  • Scintill
  • brug
  • Skwid
  • Martzi (lol)

46 songs total
45 4k charts
2 solo charts
BG difficulties are mostly joke/meme difficulties
Songlist here:

Thankies list!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent a guest chart in, I love all the charts
Thank you to Sheenoboo for helping with gfx and QA and also working with me on collabs galore wooo
Thank you to James May for helping with some of the charts
Thank you to all the mates who were going to chart something even if you didn’t get around to it

I hope you enjoy the pack! It’s easily my biggest project and I hope it pays off ^^


haha void’s smol


pog good paq yes

yoo lets go

the paq has arrived

thank u for pugting me on the release post. best pack of 2022 award contender (temmas pick n mix 2 will win though sorry)

paq post mmmmmm

i return from the dead to say this:
we truly gaming now

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Congrats on release

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MM… I LOVE LEAN!!! afhnbjoisdkspogl,ä._

this pack is good
play it