[Release] Polarin Pack 2


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honestly, i was never expecting to make a sequel to the original polarin pack but after realizing that the amount of new charts i had was sufficient enough to make a sequel, i decided to make one. the purpose of the original polarin pack was to give me a place where i can upload and share some of my maps that couldnt be uploaded. (because of osu’s upload limit :skull::skull::skull:) and although i currently do not suffer with this uploading issue, i felt as if a lot of the charts on the original polarin pack were outdated, and just plain bad and i felt that polarin pack really needed a sequel. so here we are today, with 25 more charts, released exactly 4 months later from the original polarin pack. hope you all enjoy these little files!!

from dense tech, to light jumpstream, to speedy dumpstream, to anchorjack, to friday night funkin charts, i have many different types of files to share with you all

HUGE thank to nate for converting a few of the charts for me, as well as testing the pack and finding bugs and metadata issues for me!

that’s basically it, enjoy!

polarin pack 3 soon?

dont mess with him :sob::sob:

sonic blaster hard demon