[Release] [Pad] Simply Momo episode 1

Welcome to Simply Momo!

This is a brand new series of pad-oriented stepmania packs made with the specific intent of capturing the simplicity and flow of some of the earlier classics in custom ITG history, while still using a touch of modern techniques. You can comfortably cruise your way through this pack, but also pick up a few tech skills here and there in an overall relaxed environment, save for a couple harder songs - you’ll see.

The pack features full charts from novice to expert which have actually been through the test of real life players of levels ranging from 2 to 8! It was going to be released last month, but in a surprising turn of events (I couldn’t believe it either) this pack now has also FULL DOUBLES CHARTS! :scream:

This project means a lot to me and has gone through many, many iterations before I felt it was ready to be published. I asked a lot of friends for advice on charting, review, playtesting and even got some of them to collab on certain charts! So while this is a personal effort, it would’ve never come this far without the help of many, many people from the international ITG community such as Maxx, Benpai, Frejya, CopperPuppy, Dvogan, Lama, Valex, Shpadoinkle, Kerpa and many others.

You still aren’t convinced? Here’s a cool preview for you: Simply Momo episode 1 pre-release trailer - YouTube

That’s it, go play it now!

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