[Release] Packful of Hollow

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Packful of Hollow is a compilation of 44 charts, of which 40 of them were made by me between February 2021 and February 2023. The theme of the pack, while not necessarily stylistically, is about me experimenting with different styles and approaches in order to find my own style, this is why the pack has a big diversity of songs and styles, though still maintaining my idiosyncrasies between each chart.

The name of the pack is a reference to “Hatful of Hollow”, compilation album by The Smiths. I thought that since this is a compilation rather than a pack with a proper stylistic theme, it would make sense to name it after a compilation album, which tend to be less thematic.

The whole process of making this pack was very stressful from start to finish, but it was more than a rewarding experience at the end. Initially, this was supposed to be released much earlier, though, because of my insecurities and feeling very underwhelmed with my charts during that period, I postponed the release many times during the making of the pack.

Packful of Hollow because of the reasons listed above, it’s mostly a potpourri. The pack contains jumpstreams, stamina, speed and technical charts – though with the latter having a wide degree of variation between them, with some charts containing heavy minijack usage, bursts, while others being fairly more straightforward rhythmically. There’s a good amount of dump charts in the pack too – around 14 of them being explicitly dump. Some charts also have a degree of ghost note usage but are far from being considered explicitly dump. The guest files help to tie together the pack on parts where I felt it was necessary.

Obviously, due to some of the charts being really old, the technical aspect of them might not be on par with some of the newer charts I’ve released during my career, though I think they’re good enough to be on this pack and/or are distinctive enough to be considered important on how much they influenced the way I chart and see charting as a whole.



Kaleetan, Monheim and Vortex- for giving me permission to use their charts for the pack.
-mint- for collaborating with me on ra’am and giving me permission to use the chart for the pack.
Bliss for collaborating with me on Girls Just Want To Have Fun and giving me permission to use the chart for the pack.
heather/cleopatra for letting me use her artwork for de nouveau, Blinded By Fear, March Of The Pigs, Scrap Syndrome and slavik goblins. You can check her artwork here.
Mismagius for letting me use his artwork for Lapis. You can check his artwork here.
Izzz for letting me use her artwork for Beautiful World and Endless Dream. You can check her artwork here.
Jo for letting me use her artwork for Kirlian Shores and helping me a ton emotionally. You can check her artwork here.

And many others for playtesting, feedback and in overall being there for when I wanted to talk about charting as a whole.



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