[RELEASE] Overcome CV 2

Good evening, sorry to have kept you waiting.

Publish Overcome CV2 Package!!!
mirror link : https://downloads.etternaonline.com/packs/Overcome%20CV%20Package2.zip

The Overcome CV Package is now available!!!
Please download DL from Etterna or my blog!!
URL : https://ameblo.jp/dagger0426/entry-12608831284.html

Package Organizer: dagger
Number of music: 446
Participants: 29+1
Difficulty: Low to Medium to High Difficulty level
Image collaborator: Shin,
Folder Banner Creation: Taa-nii-
Supplemental collaborators: Mouse, Prim, Nitori, Remi, Noire, 774

-Preview song list-


Overcome CV 1 DL
[enjoy OCV 1 as well!]

We received a message from all the participants, so let me introduce it!


【 dagger 】
Place of activity: Light that shines in at twilight
URL : https://ameblo.jp/dagger0426/

The second OCV packet was full of volume.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your cooperation.

I ended up being a “Ferris wheel” that didn’t go around.
I want to tell you this again.

【 11bit 】
Hello~ I’m 11Bit, the Chebo creator who works at osu!
I hope you enjoy it.!!

【 ATTang 】
Hello, I’m ATTANG.

We are submitting 5 songs to the OCV2 package this time.

Please enjoy it!

【 ayastep 】
Activity place: I love stepmania~
URL : http://aya123544.blog131.fc2.com/

Great master of noh and toy music 呢PEKOO_>ˋ
→ I hope everyone enjoys it, Pekoˊ_>ˋ

【 CCC 】
New Year’s pleasure PEKO→Happy New Year PEKO

【 Dem Nota Veloce 】
Participating in the Stemani music package for the first time,
This is Dem Nota Velochet who aims to become a self-sufficient gorilla!

I’m sorry for suddenly writing a dung note.
I’ve only produced clear music, so YURUSHITE

【 E.G. Step 】
Location: E.G.Step
URL : https://ameblo.jp/egstep/

Hello, I’m E.G Step.
I participated in the package last time as well.
Thank you very much.

It is a very enjoyable package with a wide variety of songs and music (experience story).
As for my music… There are still many easy ones.

Beginners, too.Please relax and enjoy it.

【 ikz14 】

【 janne 】
I liked SMEE.
I hope you will calm down this year.

【 Lynessa 】
Hello, this is Lynessa.
I’m working hard to make a ■■■ where I can always have fun practicing.
have fun, Thank you very much.

【 NONAMED1464 】
This is my first time participating in Stepmania mapping.
I feel like I’m not good enough, but please enjoy the play!!!

【 nitori 】
Place of activity: Hidden place for ghost Kappa
URL : http://210ly.blog.fc2.com/

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
He is a ghostly child at Seigyoji Temple.
I participated in the second OCV series.

I have continued to focus on sound game songs last time to time.
Among the songs I submitted, there are funeral songs for memoryia facta, you, and me.
It’s a great song, so please listen to it on YouTube.

Anyway, I made a lot of music.
I’m starting to want something sweet.

But a cake shop near the nearest station
You moved… I don’t know the reason for the relocation.

Anyway, I’m going to take a dragon to the new place.
I stopped by the supermarket and ate kappa rolls.
Let’s get some ice cream.

【 ma999isa 】
с новым годом ! peko

【 Martzi & Sheenoboo 】
Hello! This is “Martzi & Sheenoboo”.
Japanese is not my first language.VmV
I’m using a language translation program.

I really enjoyed creating files for this package!
I’m glad I was able to participate.
“”“OCV2"” is a package that everyone can enjoy!"
There’s something for everyone.

Thank you for hosting this package ‘dagger’
Let’s play!!!

【 Mouse 】
Good morning
My name is Mouse, and I am participating in OCV2.

I am very happy to be able to participate in a good package.
I worked hard on it!!!

Have fun playing !!!

【 prim 】
Hello, my name is Prim, and I participated in OCV2.

This is my first time participating in Stepmania’s package.
I put all my energy into making 48 music!

The fact that it’s become a very difficult music center.
I’m sorry (I didn’t reflect on myself) but…
I hope you enjoy it.

S . E . X :heart:

【 RARS 】
No Chordjack No Life : D

【 remi 】
Place of activity: Remi’s studio music
URL : http://remikorona.blog.fc2.com/

Hi, Nice to meet you.My name is Remi.

It’s our second OCV package.
I have submitted about 30 music.

This time, the top level of difficulty was substantial.
I am submitting more music that is easy to play with, mainly in the middle level is difficulty level.

I made a lot of differences.
I hope you have a good time.

There are music scores that I just rode on a popular Vtuber.
It is designed to be easy to play with.

If there are any packets next time too, please call me…
If possible, a packet sponsored by someone else… Guhehe…

I’m relatively free, so please feel free to talk to me.

【 Saki 】

【 spxnoire 】
Personally, I liked working with my group members.
Please do your best and enjoy this package.

This pack was created with enthusiasm, so please enjoy it.

By the way, I like the play test.

Even if you feel that you can’t play the most difficult song in this pack,
Don’t worry.

You can enjoy everything based on your skill level!

【 stapmania 】
(Surely stapmania)
And as expected, the corona didn’t converge, and mutants came out.

I didn’t expect human resistance and vaccines to come out in a year or two.
I hear mutants are more infectious than ever before, and I’m afraid.

I still don’t feel that way, but I thought it was a biohazard.

I changed the pattern of the music compared to when I was mixed up.
So I made the score easy to press and rate.

So I’m sorry if you’re looking forward to the song.
I like my right hand, so I think there are a lot of right-hand trills.

Activity place: omnivorous gamer~Stemani Main Store~
URL : http://sweets443.blog.shinobi.jp/

Stemani music is the way music producers live.

It’s full of other people’s lives.And if you play it,
You’re going to incorporate other people’s lives into you.

He’s the one who makes a lot of money in life.

【 taa - nii 】
Activity place: Openstep!
URL : http://opensuteppu.blog.fc2.com/

Long time no see. I’m Openstep Manager Ta-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni.

There were a lot of things going on last year.
Hasn’t the way you spend your time changed considerably?

By participating in the package,
I would appreciate it if you could feel a little cheerful(´▽`)

The number of submissions I submit this time is small.
Other producers have made a lot of music for that.
I hope you enjoy it!

【 tatsutsuyo 】
Activity Location: Vocalodi
URL : http://tatsutsuyo.blog.fc2.com/

Thank you! I’m working as a caretaker for Vocalodi.
This package also has a lot of music and it’s amazing.

I think it’s still going to be a tough situation.
Let’s overcome it with Stemani!

I submitted about four music pieces.
I hope you enjoy it!

【 Tachyon 】

Location: TOMO’S-STEP
URL : https://ahirunstep.blog.fc2.com/

I participated following the OCV package.

I’m participating.
I’m sorry that I submitted only one collaborative song.

Including your own,
Please enjoy playing the music of other producers!(^ ^)

by Mr. Moro

【 u1wkn 】
Hello, this is a cold Russian gorilla.

I submitted only two music pieces.
From the author to the test player,
I might have participated (that is, I just played).

I look forward to working with you again ^^
The music I’ve made so far is mainly in a packet called xxxRUSSIAxxx.
If you feel like it, please enjoy this too (advertisement w)

Good job everyone!
Also, happy New Year!!

「 Happy my life ~ Thank you for everything !! ~ 」



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pack release!!!

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Pack release! Thank you everyone.
Mirror: https://downloads.etternaonline.com/packs/Overcome%20CV%20Package2.zip



grats on release!

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aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! dzomg

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