[Release] Nanawo Akari Collection

Nanawo Akari Collection is a 16 file hard chordjack

In this pack, I made extremely difficult maps for a year, and
now I have enough beatmaps to make a pack only for her

These beatmaps are for advanced players who can control over 33
level. However, most of players can’t play these fierce difficulty,
I made some easy Jump/Handstream beatmap for intermediate

Anyway, good luck for playing this pack. Thank you!

(This maps are converted from osu!mania. and all of these are mapped by me.)

Magikarp1234, Nov 28, 2021

Special Thanks: ade_maine, SMOC_Mouse



v0.1 2021/11/28 First Upload
v0.11 2021/11/28 Sync Edited
v0.2 2021/12/03 Sync Edited
v0.21 2021/12/04 CDTitle Edited, Sync Fixed(End)
2021/12/16 Submitted!
v0.3 2022/01/02 Major Banner Error Fixed.

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sync your files

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omg I forgot it, thanks.