[Release] Milla Minipack 3 - Density

For those of you that just want the pack, click here.

Four months after Milla Minipack 2 was released, Milla Minipack 3 - Density is done, with over double the charts of its predecessor! This pack aims to focus on density control within files. As such, most of the files in this pack are extremely hard, ranging from 25 to almost 40 MSD. However, there are still some easier charts sprinkled in so more people can enjoy the pack.

As for the skillset distribution, most files from me are chordjack, although both the guest charters and I have made files for every other major skillset as well.

Song list: (ratings are based off MSD with adjustments if I think a file is over or underrated, note that ED charts are not visible in this image)

Thanks for playing my charts thus far, and I hope you enjoy the newest addition to the Milla Minipack line!

Edit: Not me forgetting to credit the guest charters themselves… anyway, they are ivepsilon, Amanda (a.k.a. Danitskin), Kuruai, and Shuten! As always, the name of the charter is always in the song’s subtitle.


I made some of these charts!!! :grin:

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