[Release] Metal MEGAMIX

Hi. Today is the day when my new pack has been released. 100 songs, almost 300 charts, almost one year of work! I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:
Video: [RELEASE] Metal MEGAMIX - StepMania Songs Pack Vol. 3 - Full List - YouTube
Link to download: Pack Songs
Have fun :slight_smile:

Can you upload a Zip file plz

You say you have! https://mega.nz/file/y7YGDLxB#JkwHInFb1jh4z8mWZf1eBtoeo4BsoweVaKpUqc-YfXw

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Thanks man, I am so down for stepping some Trivium right now. :smile:

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Hi everyone. I want to remind you about my pack released in the last year :slight_smile: Just enjoy and have fun headbangers!

I F-WORDING LOVE METAL!!! will surely enjoy this very much :+1:

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Holy shit! Thank you for your words! :metal: Have a best time!!