[Release] Made In Peru

Made in Peru

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Welcome Etterna players to 𝘑̶𝘶̶𝘮̶𝘱̶𝘴̶𝘵̶𝘳̶𝘦̶𝘢̶𝘮̶ 𝘗̶𝘦̶𝘳̶𝘶̶ 𝘟̶𝘵̶𝘳̶𝘢̶ Made In Peru Ft. Chile, a pack that has been organized for 2 years.
This package has 30 files with difficulties ranging from 17 - 33 MSD with an average of 21-22 MSD.
We didn’t have any kind of rule regarding songs or patterns so you will find a little bit of everything.


Initially the pack would only have files from some Peruvian charters, but we decided to include some from other countries and coincidentally they were all from Chile :chile:.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this pack:

  • blaziken
  • dendro_
  • Hana
  • Kamikho
  • kowareteru
  • Leo137
  • Leone510
  • Sakisagee
  • StarrySergal
  • velaachlorine

la wea intergalactica po wn la wea cuica wena pa la pichula penca po wn :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

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el paquetote

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peru x chile

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peru x chile descuido cuerpazo se le ve todo gogogo venga la alegria


la wea buena po wn

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Asu mare la wea wena pe


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Devuelvan el Moai Conchetumareeeee :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: :moyai: