[Release] ISAAC's Casualties of Rhythm 3


Are you tired of all those longjack fliptrill bubblebusters that you can’t even begin to understand? Do you break all 13 of your fingers every time a [36396] [9363] [696] pattern shows up? Well, you don’t have to suffer any more.

My name is Isaac Atkins, and I’m here to introduce my latest creation.

ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 3 is the third in a series of 4k spread chart packs consisting of 93 songs with accompanying charts all made by yours truly. It features an MSD range starting at a lovely 4 and ending at an energizing 13, averaging a delightful 7.

Thanks to my revolutionary, brand new, never before seen, unprecedented, one of a kind, unique, wholly original (do not steal), Actually Playable™ technology, you can enjoy your favorite Stepmania fork without acquiring any chronic medical conditions.


Click this link to download your copy of ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 3 for FREE. That’s right, it’s 100% FREE. In fact, if you click the link right now, you’ll get my brand new pack for 110% FREE. That’s 10% more free at absolutely no extra cost.

Wow! Dandy!

Side effects may include:
droolingnarcolepsyfingerdancingrhythmaddictionperception enhancementboredgigglingratechangeurgesmusclememoryleaksrhythmicdelusionsarrowparalysisdemons.

Just look at all these people having fun playing ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 3.

Still don’t believe me? Let’s hear from one of the many thousands of satisfied customers.

Happy to hear it, Izzabelle. Congratulations on your successful recovery.

I’m Isaac Atkins, and I’m listening to you (yes you) as you read this, so you better download your copy of ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 3 RIGHT NOW.


The difficulties presented by the list shown below are calculated by arrowvortex and do not represent the advertised MSD ratings.

The edit charts are simply preserving my original chart in the case that I recharted it and still felt some affinity for the original.


Because nobody loves catering to casuals more than I do xddd

Links to the previous editions:
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I’m a satisfied customer of this pack

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