[Release] ISAAC's Casualties of Rhythm 2


Imagine this. You’re minding your own business playing your favorite Stepmania fork, then all of a sudden KABLAOW!


You get totes owned by a chart with a diabolical sense of rhythm, and now your whole week is ruined. (sad)

Don’t let this happen to you. Click this link to download your FREE copy of ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 2 and save yourself from all that unnecessary psychic damage.

ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 2 is a 4k spread chart pack containing 69 songs with accompanying charts all made by yours truly. It features an MSD range starting with a soothing 4 and ending at a stimulating 13, averaging a pleasant 7, so you’re sure to have a great, and safe, time playing.

But wait! Any chart above 10 MSD is guaranteed to come with a lower difficulty at no extra cost.

What a steal!

If that doesn’t satisfy you, you’ll be pleased to hear that any chart originally featuring exceptionally difficult patterns, such as bursts or repeated use of 16th jacks, will come with a special comfort edit chart just for you, because there’s no other way quite like the Casual ISAAC Way™.

Wow! Incredible!

Don’t believe me? Let’s hear from one of our many satisfied customers.

Glad to hear that, Izzy. Stay safe and game on.

Side effects may include:
droolingnarcolepsyfingerdancingrhythmaddictionperception enhancementboredgigglingratechangeurgesmusclememoryleaksrhythmicdelusions.

The difficulties presented by the list shown below are calculated by arrowvortex and do not represent the advertised MSD ratings.


Because nobody loves catering to casuals more than I do xdd

Some of the edit charts are simply preserving my original chart in the case that I recharted it and still felt some affinity for the original.

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