[Release] ISAAC's Casualties of Rhythm 1

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Are your fingers tired? Do you need a break from all those chordjump wristjack polyflipperinos that life just throws at you? Well look no further than ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm!

ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 1 is the first in a series of 4k spread chart packs consisting of 36 charts made to emphasize the magic of r h y t h m. With a very comfy MSD average of 7, ranging from a sleepy 3 to a spicy 11, ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 1 contains everything you need to rest your weary muscles while never missing a beat.

Click this link to download your copy of ISAAC’s Casualties of Rhythm 1 for FREE and enjoy the coziest charts around!

Side effects may include:
droolingnarcolepsyfingerdancingrhythmaddictionperception enhancementboredgigglingratechangeurgesmusclememoryleaks.


Join my discord server right now to gain FREE, UNLIMITED access to new charts as they’re completed. But that’s not all. You’ll also get access to secret insider information on why the actual fuck I decided to do this.

Wow! Amazing!

The difficulties represented by the list shown below are calculated by arrowvortex and do not represent the advertised MSD ratings.



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cool pack!! it’s refreshing to see packs aimed for new players. i recommend! i hope u release more packs :smile:

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i plan to. the feedback is very appreciated after how much time i spent trying to figure out whether or not this was a good idea.
danke for giving it a shot and playing