[RELEASE] Gym Intervals (Crossfit LUA Mod Stepcharts)


[What is it?]
I was on the treadmill doing some intervals in the gym and I thought it would be a cool idea to have something similar for dance games. So I thought about having long step charts pause for x seconds, display a random exercise you perform off the machine, then you have to get back on the machine before the countdown concludes. I’m too lazy to handcraft something like that, so I wrote some software that would generate this all for me. When the charts pause for a random exercise, a background animation will appear to notify you and an audio voice will count down. Once ZERO is called, the chart will resume. This simfile is entirely autogenerated 100% (subtle ultimate deniability right there). It will probably have small target audience, but it’s a cool concept I thought I would share if anybody wants to try.

Of course! You can customize the charts in this pack very easily! We have options for: exercises count, exercise type, repeating exercises, exercises ordering and even countdown timer volume. To customize your experience: Open “_lua_default.lua” and follow the instructions at the top of the file. I HEAVILY commented the LUA file, so if you want to learn LUA with Stepmania, it’s pretty easy to get started now!

[The 101]

  • It’s not perfect, it’s just a bit of fun.
  • Don’t Hide Background or use screen filters.
  • At the moment, there are no: crossovers, mines or two arrow stream.
  • Credits to the original artists and stepchart authors!

[Things to note]

  • If 2 players are playing: BOTH players must play the same interval (not chart; interval). Eg. 1/3min
  • Do not rename ANYTHING inside the pack! If you do, you will receive a ‘Song Not Supported’ Error.

There are 3 charts for EACH interval grouping:
Single - 1 chart
Double - 2 charts (Easy and Hard)

Sure. I accept requests and I can autogen charts for whatever song. Send me the simfile for a chart on single player, alongside a list of time stamps where you want the intervals to happen. Easy!

Download link in video description

lua contains cmd() and thus a small section of the code will not function in etterna

this is clearly meant to be played on ITG so it’s probably irrelevant, I have yet to see anyone using etterna to play pad

There is no problem using the keyboard then doing these exercises. Open your mind! cmd() now replaced :slight_smile:

hey thats me

is using this keyboard because will doing to exercises. so i played this ITG i’m in Etterna on Stepmania!