[Release] Guade Scheibn

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Guade Scheibn (guàdə ˈʃaɪ̯bɱ [Austrian German for “good song”]) is a pack primarily focused on Handstream, Jumpstream and Stamina. This pack contains alot of J-Core (really alot).
I tried to fill the void that is 170-200 BPM Handstream-Stamina and most of the charts are pretty rate friendly.
If you enjoy Icy’s stamina files, OpakyL’s Handstream charts or JS of Fighters then this is a pack for you.

Big thanks to PreFiXAUT, AzraeL and Lightning for submitting files.
Shoutouts to the Austrian VSRG community for playtesting and getting on my nerves to finally release this pack.

For a fancy packlist click the links below (warning: pretty large file size)
List 1
List 2
List 3
List 4

I’m still angry as fuk for taking so long to release this pack.
Hope you enjoy!


Heast Oida des sand Guade Scheibn!



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10/10 too much water

would smash my keyboard again

yay… c: yes its a complete sentence fugg off.