[Release] Friday Night Funkin' Charts



Hey, I’m a newcomer to the Etterna scene, and I was looking for something familiar to get myself started with, so I decided to chart the whole of Friday Night Funkin’ in order to play it with a better input system.

Each song comes with 2 difficulties, one in the original FnF style where you only play the boyfriend’s parts, and the second where you play both parts.

I didn’t include the bonus song Monster because it’s a nightmare to chart timing wise. I couldn’t for the life of me chart it in a way that made it fun to play.

If there are any major issues with the charts I’d love to hear any feedback people have.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AObVaK7tTrbGsGU6lIOSq79Jf5Aa4lQ-/view?usp=sharing

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cool pack, are you trying to replicate the charts of the original game or are you making it your own style? it’s a really good release imo.

I’m mostly trying to replicate the charts of the original games, with some improvements in places when I can.

it’s decent for what it’s worth. Also the dl link for the songlist generator is https://5argon.info/dl/stepmania-songlist-generator and it works because of etterna being based on stepmania.

the only thing is to probably delete the sm.old files from the pack, it can inflate the size of the pack it takes up.

Thanks for the info. Updated the download without sm.old files.

This is pretty Poggers