[Release] frawog's Shitfiles 2


My 2nd etterna pack, my first pack was essentially all slop. This time the slop isβ­π•—π•’π•Ÿπ•”π•ͺ⭐

I’m probably going to make this into a yearly-ish thing, since I think that would be cool :grin: :grin:

(0.72.2 calc)
115 - 38.26 Chordjack, Stamina
CLOUDS AS WITNESSES - 42.06 Chordjack, Stamina
Dat Phonk - 35.38 Handstream, Stamina
Eviternity - 38.70 Stream, Stamina, Technical
Fallen Symphony - 39.57 Stamina, Stream, Technical
Go Fuck Yourself - 38.69 Chordjack, Stamina
Heathens (Magnetude Bootleg) - 35.99 Stamina, Stream, Technical
Jashin no Konrei, Gi wa Ai to Shiru. (the funniest file) - 49.57 Stamina, Chordjack
Koyoi mofumofu!! (TV Size) - 35.06 Stream, Technical, Stamina
Little Poor Me (2024 Rework) 41.25 Chordjack, Stamina
LONEWOLF - 39.29 Chordjack, Stamina
MECHANiCLYSM - 38.30 Stream, Stamina, Technical
the asmr one which I’m not typing all of that - 31.85 Stamina, Chordjack
o i i a i o o o o o i a i - 28.88 Chordjack, Stamina
Onus Regulus - 33.24 Stamina, Jumpstream, Handstream
Regardless - 28.53 Chordjack, stamina
Save Me - 41.15 Stamina, Chordjack
Second Warning - 33.94 Stamina, Handstream, Technical
Shiawase (VIP) - 33.05 Stamina, Handstream, Stream
The Forsaken - 27.27 Stamina, Handstream, Jumpstream
The Words I Never Said in D&B - 23.06 Stamina, Jumpstream, Handstream
THE WORLD REVOLVING (Camellia Remix) - 36.08 Stamina, Stream, Technical
Try To Stop That - 25.67 Stamina, Chordjack
Voyage 1969 (Hard NRG) - 37.26 Stamina, Chordjack

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offsync :+1:
unplayable :+1:

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rip didn’t notice, i’ll fix

i think the files that were offsync might be fixed now? I just resnapped them, so i hope that works but I don’t really know tbh

  • ok like a few hours later i fixed offset instead, i really hope its all good now :sob: :sob:

Thanks for the paq!Q!!!

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

banger pack bro

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