[Release] DumpAss Dude's Dream 2

Chinese new year release
Chinese new year release
Chinese new year release
Chinese new year release

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It’s Chinese new year baby so guess what? of course that’s prefect time to release a new pack, DDD2 this time. :stuck_out_tongue:
this year I spent many time on exploring new patterns and more visual expression such as mine dodging and color theory, so I hope you will enjoy this pack.

Songlist here:

I will give special thanks to Blue_Poison, Hylotl, JackyYan, KervilMosley, lyko, Miaurichesu, MOS420, ricetoast, Sakisagee, ska, StarrySergal, temma, tera, Xeuphroda, Zestiri9, YuEast, zyglrox for all your wonderful files and a big big love to MoMoEven for all the bgs and bns.
And i will see you in the next pac… wait, got a message, wait me a second

okay so i do realize that some of my minedodge files are a bit too far and very tricy to play, so if you see my minedodger cdtitle (down here)
that means this file has a no mine edition in the beginner diff, everything else is the same.

----the more you know—
Guess what, the day after tomorrow is the true Chinese new year (Feb 1st), but i wont at home tomorrow so i release this pack today.
Happy Chinese new year!


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