(Release) DourGent's Minipack 4

Download: Click here

It’s finally done! This pack is by FAR the best pack I have ever worked on. This pack is very heavily tech-oriented. The files in this pack are seriously control-heavy., and as such, the current style of play of many players who are currently active may conflict with how this pack is supposed to be approached, so with that being said. Let me steal from VGMP4 with a PSA:


  1. Song preview - A lot of people now use the song preview feature included in the newest versions of the Etterna client to see what the contents of a file look like. This feature detracts from the experience of sightreading the file, and as such could conflict with your enjoyment of the pack, since the pack is made to be sightread.

  2. Rating up files - Every file in this pack has been stepped to be played on 1.0x, no higher. As a result. many files in here do not rate well, and some may even break on rates. I ask that you at least sightread the file on 1.0x, then uprate it after you have played it once.

  3. Etterna MSD - This one is not in the players control, but the Etterna MSD calculates these files very badly. As a result, the actual difficulty shown is almost always VASTLY lower than the files actual difficulty. To counteract this, I have set up the difficulty values to what i believe the MSD for the file should be on 1.0x. This way you can work out a general guideline for the files difficulty without having to play the file first.

As for the files themselves, here is the songlist:

This pack consists of a variation of filetypes. But all of them are control or Accuracy-oriented. As a result, there are some technical dumps in this pack as well as the accurate files.

On a personal note, this pack has been revised a fair bit, and I would like to apologise for those who felt like I was messing with them when I couldn’t make my mind up if a file was accepted or not. I do appreciate your submissions even if you did not make it into the pack.

With that being said, special thanks to:
Sheenoboo for… basically helping me with everything, like usual.
Celeb for his fantastic files, helping with QA and learning to step
Deamerai for helping with QA
Foxfire for playtesting basically every file 7000 times.
Pull for giving me a dead file
Pixl for exploiting my love of oneshot yet again.
Skwid for helping with QA
James may for helping with QA
Flossy for reluctantly playing the files
TheRopFather for blackmailing me into thanking him
Everyone who submitted a file, be it rejected or not, for thinking my pack was worth your time enough to step a file for it. :slight_smile:

I hope you have fun!


Dour Gents Is Online


if dour 4 is so good wheres dour 4 2

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dour 4 2 is just martzi’s originals

I love you Dour. :two_hearts:

Now everyone else can appreciate all of your hard work! That or uprate it without a second thought, get mad, and delete the pack. One of the other…

Looks like I’ll have to set scores on several files again, I’ll get right on that!

bigg paCK

now i need to derust so i can play half of these

This is the first time Sheenoboo has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

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Wow and here I thought that was something only I saw as a moderator. Apparently all community members see it?

Best of luck playing these files Sheenoboo, they are very fun and worth getting back into shape for! Keep pushing until you can get a good percent on We Love Breakcore!

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no im just very special


play my file

Can’t play a single file on that release, but I’ll DL anyway because why the heck not haha

ok :grinning:

I don’t understand your file.