[Release] dou-jack Collection

For those of you that just want the pack, here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aJRmftk4L3FK_lAodcFnZ9781zUEJtw1/view?usp=sharing

Songlist (chart ratings based on MSD):

What is the dou-jack Collection?

The dou-jack Collection is a collection of the best 50 files from Chinese osu!mania player [Paw]doudou0310 (formerly doudou031011) that I have converted and synced to the best of my ability. doudou creates an assortment of chordjack and other miscellaneous files. doudou’s files are practically unknown to the Stepmania scene, so I wanted to bring their best ones here.

But this is someone else’s files! Why are you stealing them?

I’m in the process of contacting doudou in order to get permission to rank these files on Etterna. Until then, this pack is strictly not for ranking, only a collection of interesting files.

What kinds of files are these?

As said (and implied in the title), mostly chordjack. There are also a few jumpstream, handstream, and technical files.

Why do some files have the subtitle “nerfed”?

Some files had some unfair dumps; this does not affect any of the chordjack gameplay.

I hope you enjoy these files! They’re quite unique in their style and they definitely deserve to have good scores set for them.


bruh this pack name