[Release] Democratic Peoples Pack of Etterna

Jumptrill fast, you dawn, on this game so fair,
Over the fullreneshift, dazzles my pack folder.
So rich in vibro and in burstjacks you are,
Five thousand years bullshit.
Our people ever were retarded and saged,
And rich in shitposts,
And as with fingers and wrists, we trill,
*The Democratic Peoples Republic of Etterna shall forever suck! *

And in the spirit of HSMP
With the love of aids that shall never die,
With a will of cardboard fueled by a hatred of osu,
We’ll lead the whole game by and by.
We have the brainrot to schizopost
Our server more prosperous still shall be,
As by the people’s will we strive,
The Democratic Peoples Republic of Etterna shall forever suck!

please click on charred squidward (chidward) to download the pack




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warning do not load the hidden file located in the cotton eye joe songfolder


that’s cool and all but look at this sick frog

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Warning: There might be real files.

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disqualified for ranking for replacing the artist field on a song i made with an unfunny racist joke

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metadata fixed

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pac of the century

I submitted a file for this?

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Comparing the Democratic People’s Republic of Etterna to the totalitarian dictatorship of Osu highlights stark differences in governance, societal structure, and individual freedoms.

  1. Government Structure:

    • Etterna: Governed by a system of representative democracy, where elected officials are accountable to the people. Decision-making processes involve participation from citizens through voting and public discourse.
    • Osu: Ruled by a single authoritarian leader or a small group with absolute power. Political dissent is suppressed, and decision-making is centralized in the hands of the ruling elite, often without regard for the will of the populace.
  2. Civil Liberties and Rights:

    • Etterna: Guarantees civil liberties and rights to its citizens, including freedom of speech, assembly, and religion. The legal system ensures due process and protection of individual rights.
    • Osu: Severely restricts civil liberties and rights, with censorship, surveillance, and suppression of dissent common. Citizens face severe consequences for voicing opposition or expressing views contrary to the regime’s ideology.
  3. Economic System:

    • Etterna: Embraces a mixed economy, with a balance of state intervention and private enterprise. Economic activities are regulated to ensure fair competition and equitable distribution of resources.
    • Osu: Often implements a command economy, where the state controls all aspects of economic production and distribution. Private enterprise is heavily restricted or nonexistent, leading to inefficiencies and lack of innovation.
  4. Social Welfare and Services:

    • Etterna: Prioritizes social welfare programs, including education, healthcare, and social safety nets. Access to essential services is considered a right, and the government invests in infrastructure and public services to ensure the well-being of its citizens.
    • Osu: Social welfare programs may exist but are often used as tools of control and manipulation by the regime. Access to services may be limited, and allocation of resources is often skewed to benefit the ruling elite.
  5. International Relations:

    • Etterna: Engages in diplomacy and international cooperation, seeking peaceful relations and mutual benefits with other nations. Participates in international organizations and treaties to promote global stability and development.
    • Osu: Often isolated or engaged in antagonistic relationships with other nations. Diplomacy is primarily used to assert dominance or further the regime’s interests, leading to tensions and conflicts on the international stage.

Overall, while Etterna embodies principles of democracy, individual rights, and social progress, Osu represents a stark contrast with its authoritarian rule, suppression of freedoms, and centralized control. The comparison underscores the importance of governance structures in shaping the lives and freedoms of citizens within a society.


all pack of time

i opened cotton eye joe and my pc is smoking what the fuck did you do


lov it ! my favorite sims altime?!